No Competition Lyrics

Jibber jabber spitting this and that….
...ya garbage been polluting my habitat
open your ears ….Get ready for Ace..
Step aside, tongue-tied, [you’ll get fried]
I spit... fire-on-grease
-> I’m a B17.[MEAN MACHINE],
Flying high in the sky...... disrupting the scene
Ninja Warrior Movin’ in Silence,
Hunting prey (pause) then dropping the science
On all these phony MC's
That been spreading like da plague, bubonic disease
Infecting airwaves (pause) Across the seven seas!
I'm Burning rubber, speed racer, 2000 degrees
My defense, quicksand, Now ya stuck in place
->Quit your horsin’ around
Ya Penalty, offsides... Tackle fumbled [TOUCHDOWN….]
You in GNice’s playground
Welcome to college, take notes,
this is valuable knowledge!
[And] Acknowledge that you’re a FOOL….
->Who got took by this Smooth crook
You’re a feather …[SHOOK]…
...and it’s hurricane weather
left-check hook MAYWEATHER!!!!

no competition (That’s right)
No competition (That’s tight)
no competition [no competition]
for this masta tactician
Think twice Before you spit out a rhyme
Your mouth is running... like it just committed a crime
here's your fine Stop stunting ....
You missed the deadline
Lost your title
Interception. Slam Dunk!
Makin’ moves in a blink of an eye
Now you need to rhyme greater
I’m the boss that you’ll have to be challenging later
Fake player.... (pause)
Heavy hitter
Home run
Babe Ruth..
Never a quitter
Ya hits are FOUL..
Like pits.. that haven’t seen years in a shower....
Now ya fans crying Over spilt milk that went sour
Because they've just witnessed the GNice incredible power
Time to clean up...
Just Throw in the towel
no competition (That’s tight)
no competition…(That’s right)
no competition
Ya lose, ya last position,
Vanished ‘cause I’m magician
My throws.. they be swishin’ (swish!)
no competition for this masta tactician
I roll deep, turn up the bass
under tunnels bumpin’ Biggie in my 4x4 Jeep [BEEP BEEP]..... (pause)
Time’s money and ya talk is cheap..
Makin’ chedda Heavy better
Stackin’ up a heap
Poppin’ bottles, top models
in ma penthouse suite
Grab a seat, ya warmin’ benches… ya can’t compete
I’m breakin’ records (pause)
all ya do is repeat [re-re-re-repeat….]
I’m innovatin’, dominatin’, yah obsolete->
[so] Get lost, you’ll get tossed ‘cause you on my streeet (pause echo)
Be afraid….You’re bitch-made
Sucka… Ya got played
Yah been had, I’m in the lab
Crankin’ up mad heat ...
Lightin’ up spliffs.. sippin’ that whiskey neat …
Settin’ off chain reactions..
->got that Jeet Kun Do______
I’m Jumpin’ on Ya head like I’m Mario
Now you gettin’ some [of that]
Wing Tsun action……..
Shrinkin’ you down,
as-if your name was Fraction….(echo)
Hit’cha with the One-inch punch..
Black lacquer Nunchucks
Bitch, ya Best not bleed on my Crispy clean White tank-top Tee..(tee..)
[6 clicks] (pause) That game’s muuuffffin…. (pause)
Soft as-a Buttercup
Your Time was up, time bomb, ‘cause I just blew up!
I’m straight cruisin never losing…..
Y’all snoozin’
(long pause)
I snatched your Barbies
And your dream car Ferrari
Ya got smashed->
Ya candy wrapper ass just got Traaassshed!! [Just got trashed]
[Ya candy wrapper ass just got trashed] (Female vocals)
no competition (That’s right)
no competition…(That’s tight)
no competition
Ya lose, ya last position,
Vanished ‘cause I’m magician
My throws.. they be swishin’ (swish!)
no competition for this masta tactician
Lyrics weak
Kung fu freak
Quit your sloppy choppy cheap crappy poor technique
I’m at my peak
Rocky Marciano!...
On a knockout streak
On FIRE…..
and now ya feeling the heat
-MVP Superstar
-‘Cause I can’t be beat…
My flows The Nile River
Michael Phelps
And I’m swimming freestyle
Like a Gold medal winner
.. So many years and yet you still a beginner
[Finish Him!] Mortal Kombat!
Raise the flag!
[I'm] all in..
Royal flush….. Ace of Spades….
Now I'm calling your bluff
taking all of ya money
No joker, Checkmate (K.OOOOOOOOoooo) [...pause...]
I’m takin’ ooova [ya done!]


from No Competition EP, track released February 27, 2023
Producers: Christopher Regimenti, Yuri Zwadiuk
Female vocals: Matcha
Recording Engineer & Sound Design: Joel Feitzinger