The King Supreme Lyrics

***verse 1
Ya Mumbo jumbo… [Ya] yip-yappin
Hesitatin not makin any sense, chedda cheese or bacon
Quit fakin…...’ ,
you a blow-hard fraud.. puttin’ on a facade..
Who you foolin’, with that whiny bark?
You a bitch… a tiny little puppy dog
Ya earned a treat (pause)
A Bitch slap with my 44 magnum gat
Hear the glock go BOOM (Triple up Boom)
Gavel bang Death sentence
Rules the courtroom
You in debt, past due
Time to rest in ya tomb
Klik Klak Pistol pop [pop pop]
[long pause]
GNice hustling is non-stop
Makin’ lettuce
Top Chef, Italian Caesar chop-chop [chop-chop] (pause)
Got owned by the King and Pawn
[Ya] been cornered, [too late]
No moving forward, [checkmate]
Like King Darius III, there’s no escaping ya fate….(pause)
[I’m] Rushin’ through gaps settin’ up booby traps
Cutting Gordian knots by formulating these plots….
Takin’ ova da world!!!____ from village to city,
like King, commander Alexander the Great!

***hook 1
I’m a king….. takin’ over this scene
king on a mission plottin’ my next scheme
A king [who’s mean]
The king [supreme]
The king of this castle makin’ plenty o’ cream [making plenty o’ cream]

***verse 2
Not feeling blessed, on your knees
And start to confess..
Who’s the best? (Pause)
Can you handle the stress?
My chest bullet proof vest,
knuckles brass, Whoopin’ ass, SHOTO-Kan Karate___
Took ya stash, Now I’m Flash, Veyron Bugatti
Countin’ cash I amassed Like Da Teflon Gotti,
You a wimp
A wannabe pimp
A pussy that’s known to BE…. as wide as the GoodYear blimp
Da world is mine.. (pause)
And you just crossed the line
Gotta get paid-
Blew ya junk Pinto with a hand grenade
Now I'm out with the blow…... “Scarface”
Calling a limo… [Hey Chauffa].....
take me to Vegas, the Riviera Casino
Now I'm stackin’ my riches... like the Pharaoh King Menes (Meenees)
And if you don't know…. (long pause)
En Espanol es Mucho Dinero como
El empresario Michele (Meekele) Ferrero

***hook 2
I’m a king….. takin’ over this scene
king on a mission plottin’ my next scheme
A king [who’s mean]
The king [supreme]
The king of this castle makin’ plenty o’ cream [making plenty o’ cream]

***verse 3
….It’s Superman…And I ain’t ya hero….
nowhere to hide…. [I’m] pest control certified …[And] you the bug,
So [I] Raided ya bank With ya girl by my side…. as-if we Bonny & Clyde…..
Now we out to Belize, Puffin’ on trees, Now ya watching us on Unsolved mysteries
I make it happen With this rappin->King of New York,->[Charlie Chaplin]….(pause)
I shine bright like city lights in Manhattan
[Ya] gettin bit by my deadly pet Komodo Dragon
getting hit with my Kung fu kick
with the gold plated-leatha_GNice_swagga stick…..
You a bunny rabbit….Yet you ain’t so quick
This flu caught you Cause this flow so sick
I found you Pikachu->
Crowds applaud, [I] pulled ya card-> [Magic] Houdini hat trick
Sixth gearin Lamborghini shift stick
Pickin’ up hot ladies in mini bikinis, [I’m] Covered in lipstick
Now I’m solvin Einstein arithmetic
Can’t be touched ‘Cause I’m sharp like porcupine
on a mission for commission Selling booze,
Al Capone, Rockin wingtip shoes,
got the golden fleece
[ya] gettin’ crumbled cause I rumble like I’m Hercules,
[I] brought ya fate to a close…..(pause) [ya] just got ceased
[Ya] gettin’ ousted->I’m the King-> ya just got jousted out the ring
Now ya runnin’ like a chicken who got guillotined (pause)
‘cause I’m dangerous, mean…. One-man army machine …… (pause)
Conquerin’ the world like I was Constantine,
Ya village gettin’ pillaged, my green growin like spinach
I’m taking over this scene
‘Cause I’m the biggest , the baddest, the King Supreme [the King Supreme]
He’s the biggest, the baddest, the King Supreme! (3x)

***hook 3
I’m a king….. takin’ over this scene …...
king on a mission plottin’ my next scheme
A king [who’s mean]
The king [supreme]
The king of this castle makin’ plenty o’ cream [making plenty o’ cream]
He’s the king, I’m his queen and we’re living the dream! (female) [ livin’ the dream]

***verse 4
Check out my big boy toys
My Mac 11’s…... (mac 11 shots) makin’ serious noise
[I’m] makin’ Playboy money
Gettin’ lucky Triple 7’s Jackpot
[Juggernaut]!!.........(Triple up)
Ready or not, Firin’ shots, Smith&Wessons and more dangerous Weapons
gettin’ struck by da snipa ‘cause I’m deadly, vipaa...
expellin’ ya rats.[pied pipa…..] with my flute and my gats
Ya outgun[ned], outdone, now there’s nowhere to run
got ya goons in fear! I’m the LIGHT and like Roaches... they all disappear
[Ya] gettin caught in my ploys... underwater blastin’ submarine sonar decoys.
This is war, makin’ thunder like Thor, hittin’ mighty war drums
Took ya guns, Now I plundered ya funds,
(pause) Diminished (bankrupt), now ya sleep on the streets,
ya finished->Annihilated, I’m a Savage, BEAST ….
Breakin’ bread with [my] knights ... round-the-table feast
Battle on Badon Hill, [I’m] in it for the kill
indestructible... can’t destroy my will
Ya death rattle, now I’m King of this castle
pullin - swords - from - stone,
ya - fell - to - gravel - like - the - Tower - of- Babel,
[Ya] Overthrown, [Ancient Rome]
now you on ya OWN...,[Ya] divided (conquered)
[I’m] taking over ya throne [takin’ ova ya throne]

‘Cause I’m the biggest, the baddest, The King of this Palace,
I’m The King Supreme (echo out)
[the biggest, the baddest, The King of this Palace]
[He’s the King Supreme] [The King Supreme]


from No Competition EP, track released February 27, 2023
Producer: Yuri Zwadiuk
Female vocals: Matcha
Recording Engineer & Sound Design: Joel Feitzinger
Mastering: Mark B. Christensen at Engine Room Audio