From the recording No Competition EP

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Rock song recorded with band United Pistols from Brooklyn, NY.
"Walking down Manhattan Street"


Walking down Manhattan Street
Looking for a Dame to meet
A girl who is nice and sweet
She’ll sweep you right off your feet
Lady will you be my girl?
I can show you all the world
Girl.. You.. Are.. The one I want (oh oh oh)
Can’t… You… See.. That you’re sexy (uh uh uh)
You… may… not… See that you’re hot (like fire)
You’re... so... fine, you make love go blind

I can be your Romeo
Let’s go to a Broadway show,
(and) sing and dance and make romance
Walking down Manhattan st.


Now that I’m your Romeo,
Will you be my Juliet?
Let’s go on a rendezvous
[‘Cause] Girl, I just fell in love with you